Nutritional/Herbal Muscle Testing

Allowing the natural intelligence of the body to guide us in the direction of healing is an artful science that can be very useful in determining what the body is craving.

Reiki Session

This is an ancient Japanese energy work; it gathers the Love and Light from the Universe around us and channels into the body to restore balance and harmony to a stressed out, unbalanced being.

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture

A natural facelift without surgery! The tiny micro-abrasions caused by the needling elicits an immune response calling fibroblasts to the dermis to lay new collagen & elastin as it repairs the area!

Private Acupuncture Sessions

Sports Injuries; Stress/relaxation; PMS; Headaches; Anxiety; Low Back Pain; General aches and pains; Allergies; Seasonal sicknesses; etc.

Wellness Workday

We come to you!! Geared towards preventive healthcare for your staff/employees. Services include mini acupuncture/massage/reiki sessions for the whole office while they whistle and work.

Becca has single-handedly changed my life. I had never even considered the fact that my physical ailments were emotionally induced. She assured me that she would take things slow and I would be comfortable the entire time. She was extremely patient and navigated through my entire health history with a highly skilled intuition. She asked tons of questions so she understood exactly what my body needed. I literally felt my body shift and go back into balance after my sessions with her. Not to mention, Becca worked magic on my anxiety and targeted exactly where it was coming from. The type of acupuncture she does is exceptional and now I won’t use any other kind. Don’t wait to try this for yourself.